The Happy Coral just got in a BUNCH of AWESOME new fish, lots of clowns and fairy wrasses, and ALL on SPECIAL!!!!!

         Neon Cleaner Goby - $21.95        Juvenile Lookdown Fish - $99.95         B&W Ocellaris - $44.95
                     SALE $14.95                                                                                            SALE $24.95/ea.
                     (Eats ICK!!!)                                                            


    Tangerine Albino Ocellaris - $49.95      Black Ice Ocellaris - $99.95                BlackER ICE - $99.95
                 SALE $39.95/ea.                                 SALE $74.95/ea.                               SALE $79.95/ea.
                                                                               (Out of Stock)             

            Platinum Perculas $99.95                Neon Dottyback $39.95                          Candy Basslet
                     SALE $69.95/ea.                                 SALE $29.95                                            Sold!

                      Dont forget to stock up on Fauna Marin Fish foods!!! I have access to a WIDE VARIERTY of fish that I dont stock, but can get for you by Special Request same or next day, usually ships within the week. Contact me for current availability, 949-365-6479 or email 

Please excuse us while we are currently undergoing some SITE CONSTRUCTION, thank you for your patience...
-THC Staff