THC BABYMAKER                    THC SEEDLESS RED WM                     THC SKITTLES
              Favia (Future Tyree LE)                              Chalice                                         Acan Lord
                      $80/3-4heads                                  $250/2eye frag                                    $40/head         

                         THC LS                                   RUKIS A-BOMB                                     Gold
                        Acan Lord                                       Acan Lord                                    Octo Hammer
                         $40/head                                          $30/head                             $200/frag (Out of Stock)

                     Widowmaker                                 Yellow Jacket                            Aussie Ultra Master 
                         Chalice                                              Acan                                               Scoly
                       $500/2eyes                                    $100/1head                                           $300
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                  Miami Hurricane                  Tyree LE Bubblegum Monster                J.Fox Crazy Fox
                         Chalice                                            Chalice                                            Chalice
                  $50/ 3-5eye frag                             $50/ 3-5eye frag                            $200/ 2-3eye frag

         Cornbred's G3 Mummy Eye                     Space Invader                     THC Double Mouth Rainbow
                        Chalice                                             Pectinia                                             Fungia
                 $50/1-2eye frag                                 $100/2eye frag                                   $500 (SOLD)

                    Neon Orange                                 JF Sour Apple                                THC Neon Green 
                          Fungia                                            Chalice                                           Pleseastrea
                     SALE $50!!!                                  $150/1eye frag                                     $40/1" frag

                  THC Mind Blower                          THC Orange Sherbert                      THC Fruit Loops 
                        Acan Lord                                         Acan Lord                                      Acan Lord
                        $80/head                                            $80/head                                      $80/head

                  John Deere                               Sunset Rainbow                             Tyree LE Mayan Sun
                   Leptastrea                                         Fungia                                                    Favia
                  $40/3/4" frag                                         $200                                            $50/2-3head frag
                JD Pot Of Gold                                  Dragon Soul                                    Tri Color Reverse
                        Favia                                           Prism Favia                                         Prism Favia
              $100/6-8head frag                            $40/2-3head frag                                 $30/5-6head frag

  THC Bleeding Apple Acan Hillae               THC Acid Rain WM
                $80/1 head frag                                $300/2-3eye frag
                                                             Has some Red and Yellow in rim!!

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