Tyree LE RUKIS Blue Monster Acro         Tierra Del Fuego Acro                 Tyree LE SOTR Mille
               Acropora Anthocercis                       Tabling Acropora                       Acropora Millepora
                      $100/ 1"+ frag                                   $100/ 1" frag                               $100/ 1" frag
                      (Out of Stock)                                                                                      (Out of Stock)

          Strawberry Shorcake Acro                Rainbow Shorcake Acro             Aussie Highlighter Acro
                  Acropora Nasuta                              Acropora Nasuta                          Tabling Acopora
                      $75/ 2" frags                                      $60/ 1" frag                                    $45/ 2" frag

                    Tyree LE Red Dragon                Mystic Sunset Monti                       Incredible Hilk Digi
                     Deepwater Acropora               Encrusting Montipora                       Montipora Digitata
                          $250/ 2"+ frag                               $50/ 1" frag                                   $45/ 1" frag

                           Tyree LE Ice Fire Echinata                       ORA Red Planet              Oregon Tort
                                 Acropora Echinata                             Tabling Acropora        Acropora Trotousa
                                    $80/ 1.5"-2" frag                                  $60/1.5-2" frag                $80/1" frag

        More Inventory soon to come...
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